Approach of Anan Clinica

  • Setting up an education program on health subjects:

The first objective is to provide the community of Nanatha with an education program on health subjects to improve knowledge about health, hygiene, and common diseases. A Village Health Committee (VHC) consisting of 15-20 people, also known as the activistas, helped to set up the programme. They are volunteers and are trained on subjects as malnutrition, diarrhea, hygiene, malaria, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS and family planning. These problems cause the highest mortality and morbidity and are relatively easy to prevent. The activistas are responsible for passing this knowledge over to community the community

  • Cooperation with other non-governmental organisations

The goal is to collaborate more with NGOs that are active in the area on the problems of Nanatha and their need for structural help.

We pursue to be a well-established base for different non-governmental organizations and public health campaigns and to implement programmes that concentrate on preventing diseases and promoting health (e.g. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Food Program, etc.)

We believe that we can achieve our goals by a combination of:

  • Understanding local, regional and national healthcare capabilities
  • Taking into consideration the community history, situation and needs
  • Detailed knowledge of the incidence rates and effects of the most common diseases that the community deals with.