Background of Anan Clinica

The people of Nanatha already set up Anan (Assoção dos Naturais e Amigos de Nanatha) because the community felt they were facing major problems, suffering from poverty and diseases without having the ability to fight against it. They have joined together to empower their strengths. They were (financially) supported and encouraged by Divers Eco-operation (DEO). DEO is an ecologically aware and socially responsible tourism project and strives for poverty alleviation and overall development of the local community of Nanatha. DEO is linked to the nearby Nuarro lodge. Please read more about the Nuarro lodge here,

With the existence of the lodge and the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, the agreement between the lodge and the community, the control on this project is assured. In this MOU is agreed on the rights and obligations of both parties.  Nuarro sponsors the community with a fixed amount per month, this creates a certain cash flow for the community projects.

In cooperation with Anan Clinica Foundation, DEO set up a couple of programs to help the community on their main concerns:

  • Community centre

Building a community centre with 2 school buildings and the Anan Clinica building.

  • Education

Nuarro Lodge has built 2 school buildings in Nanatha.

  • Waterproject

Clean water is provided for schoolchildren

  • Agriculture

Vegetable gardens are created to provide for the community more variety of food.

  • A market

A market is build to increase the economic activity in the village. The market enhances the turnover rate of the money that is put in the community by employing over 150 workers from the village.

The Anan Clinica Foundation was established in July 2009 to focus on the health care problems in the community. The integrated approach with DEO helped to tackle the different poverty problems in Nanatha. From 2014 on, the Anan Clinica foundation is not only focusing on health anymore, but also focuses on subjects like money and being sustainable.