Everything you need to know about Anan Clinica.


How did anan clinica originate?

Anan Clinica was founded by the shareholders of Nuarro Lodge to improve the health and living conditions of the local population.

How does Anan Clinica work?

The foundation works on the spot with local and international volunteers, supervised by doctors and experts from the Netherlands.

Where can i find the latest information?

The latest news is updated on Facebook and on this website.

How big is the area where Anan Clinica operates?

Anan Clinica operates on a peninsula in Memba District, about 4 villages are involved.

What projects are Anan Clinica currently working on?

Currently there are projects regarding Malaria, Cholera, clean drinking water (by developing and implementing a purifying system in Nanatha), agriculture and education. You can find more information in the ‘about us’ section.

Are there local supervisors for the projects?

Locally there is supervision by the community manager Feliciano and the local volunteers: the activistas.. The management of Nuarro Lodge takes care of the contacts with the local authorities. The management of Nuarro is 24/7 present at the lodge where you stay.


Can I donate anonymously?

Completely anonymous is not possible, but you can indicate your preference not to be mentioned by name.

Do I need to registrate to donate?

No registration is required.

Is my donation immediately visible?

Your donation is immediately visible on bank account, but never publicly.

How much of my donation is directly used for Anan Clinica?

99% of the money goes to the projects. Volunteers and board receive no reward. There are some costs related to the administration and the website (also largely a voluntary contribution).

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

We are happy with all the amounts.

Are there other possibilities to donate (for example goods)?

)? In consultation you can also donate goods, although we prefer to buy everything in Mozambique due to the high costs related to transport and import tax.

How can I make a donation?

You can transfer to Stichting Anan Clinica
Bank account: NL56ABNA0446804444 , IBAN: ABNANL2A


Do I need a visa to volunteer?

Yes, you need a visa, we assist you with that.

Do I need vaccinations to volunteer?

Yes, vaccinations are mandatory, we also assist you with that.

What is expected from me?

Lots of enthusiasm!

What are my costs approximately in total (think of visa + extension, stay and transfer)?

About €1,500 for 2 months.

How do I communicate with the locals?

Through Feliciano (he speaks English, Portuguese and the local language Makua). But with hands and feet and a lot of laughter, you will also be fine.

What rules should I follow when working on a project?

Respect for the environment and their religion, most of the inhabitants are Muslim. For instance, always cover your knees, including men.

How do I best prepare myself for this journey?

We guide from the very beginning and you get access to the Dropbox with all the information. From the board you will receive a permanent supervisor.

Where do I stay

You will stay in the beautiful Nuarro Lodge, where food is fully catered for and there is the possibility of fun activities such as snorkeling and diving (for a fee). Wifi is available.